Food is everything ... and it's also just dinner!

Although taste is often understood as a biological experience, it can also be seen as a social or cultural phenomenon; an aesthetic, a sociological, economic and anthropological concept referring to cultural patterns of choice and preference. Food is something we all have in common. No matter what we eat or don’t eat; we make personal, cultural, societal, political and aspirational decisions with everything we buy, grow and consume. I look at food as an identity and I research food trends to give an indicator of what’s to come.

Dr Morgaine Gaye - Showreel

It Doesnt Make Any Scents | Dr Morgaine Gaye | TEDxClerkenwell

Past events
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    Future Fest 2016
    17th September 2016

    FutureFest 2016 is a two-day multi-media weekend event in London, grappling with the challenges of coming decades up to the mid-century. The event is organised by Nesta (www.nesta.org.uk), the UK’s leading innovation agency.

    What will now be the 3rd event taking place in September 17-18, 2016, in Tobacco Dock, London. http://futurefest.org/

    Combining performance, technology, big name speakers and a plethora of seminars, demos and workshops, FutureFest aims to make the future “festive” – a place where audiences can experience, in a multi-media and multi-sensory way, the coming changes and trends as we approach the future. Our central themes this year are Future Love, Future Play, Future Work and Future Thrive. As Lead Curator of Future Thrive I am looking at food, eating, taste, scent, perfume, olfaction, technology connecting those things, wellness and health in the broadest sense.

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    Gulfood Manufacturing Expo
    28th October 2015

    The Future of Confectionary  http://www.gulfoodmanufacturing.com/

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    Taste Trends Conference, Leatherhead Food Trends 2017
    22nd October 2015
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    Restaurant Show
    5th October 2015

    Panel debate on The Stage 12-1pm