S/S 2015 : Transparency : Translucence

multi-faceted and sparkling confectionary crystals were at the heart of the
Lobmeyr Experimental Sweet Factory, which ran from 27 September to 6 October as
part of Vienna Design Week. Drawing parallels between sugar and luxury glass
making, Bertille & Mathieu, a French-Swiss design duo, paid
 homage to the Austrian glass and chandelier manufacturer Lobmeyr‘s 200-year heritage.   

Emulating the crystal pendants hanging from Lobmeyr’s celebrated chandeliers, designers Bertille Laguet et Mathieu Rohrer worked sugar like glass. It was melted, boiled, deposited, shaped and set to create flavoured lollipops, which retailed for 1 euro a pop.

This creative collaboration calls to mind Amélia Desnoyers’ Shaping Sugar project, which we featured in our Translucence
micro trend. With its focus on Lobmeyr’s history, it
 highlights the potential for brands to communicate their heritage through contemporary designs. It is also a great example of Transparency in action – not only were the crystal lollipops as clear as glass, they were also made in store in front of customers.

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