S/S 2015 : Emerging Sectors : Sandwiches

Why the world loves a sandwich : The Guardian

“It sums up the way we often approach sandwiches in the UK though, as if they’re a second-rate option to fall back on when we can’t think of anything better. We’re supposedly a nation of sandwich lovers. We had an Earl who put his name to the damn things (although he didn’t invent them, as is often claimed – apparently, that was Rabbi Hillel the Elder), yet we’re put to shame by countries such as Mexico, the US and India who really know how to celebrate their sangers…There’s a sandwich for every situation, then, and a sandwich for every taste.”

In the run up to the release of her book, 101 Sandwiches : A collection of the finest sandwich recipes from around the world (Cico Books, 2013), food writer Helen Graves is championing the humble sarnie via a series of posts on The Guardian’s website. Reading like an ode to the sandwich, one of four categories covered in our S/S 2015 Emerging Sectors, yesterday’s piece celebrated the breadth of dishes that fall under this category.

Looking beyond London, her hometown and the focus of her blog, The London Review of SandwichesGraves referenced the spiced Indian vada pav, the Portuguese francesinha and the Mexican pambazo, among other traditional options. She also shone a spotlight on lesser-known creations, such as the ramen burger bap. Revisit our essay on Sandwiches for more inspiration.

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