S/S 2015 : Kidult : Sweet Treats

A stained glass sign sets the tone at chök. Before customers have even stepped into the Barcelona-based ‘chocolate kitchen’ they know to expect a temple of indulgence where chocolate is handled with care and respect. Inside, pared back white walls and fixtures let the store’s star product steal the show; gourmet doughnuts hang from a simple display creating a confectionary constellation for sprinkle-eyed Kidults and calling to mind the sticky-fingered satisfaction of enjoying an unctuous donut with abandon.

Available in an array of flavours and a corresponding rainbow of icing and toppings, the moreish delights demand attention. Elsewhere chocolate crisps, cupcakes and churros make the mouth water. Evoking childhood memories (wouldn’t you agree that as we get older we lose that lip-licking way of hungrily consuming sweets without a care in the world? ) in a sophisticated setting, chök highlights how to capture the hearts, minds and palates of sweet-toothed Kidults.

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