S/S 2015 : Skin : Tinting

Having witnessed many playful and spontaneous summertime interactions between city fountains and joyful citizens, product designer Ariane Prin was inspired to create cups by layering flowing streams of clay. Her project, titled Water Cups Fountainis a brilliant example of the Tinting aesthetic we explored in our Skin macro trend; haphazardly applying surface decoration in a instinctive way creates appealing, imperfect designs.  

To make her cups, Prin created four porcelain vessels with a colander-like base. The vessels were suspended from a wooden structure and filled with a clay-based mixture. When tipped, they released streams of colour, decorating the 16 plaster moulds beneath. Multiple colours were layered to produce rich and random designs that evoke images of free-flowing water.

Prin created Water Cups Fountain in summer 2012 while undertaking a residency in a porcelain studio at Design Centrum Kielce (DCK), Poland. Her project was exhibited at London Design Festival in September 2013. The video below captures Prin’s process.

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