S/S 2015 : Space : Metallics

Sparkling with slivers of sunshine gold, Jungfrau Gold Edition is an example of the Metallics colour story that we explored in our Space trend. Now available to trade, this premium speciality liqueur is a
glittering extension of the herbal liqueur brand, 
Jungfrau Krauteur Likor.
Flakes of 23-carat gold leaf add a decadent sparkle to the original blend of
over 40 spices, herbs, fruits and flowers.

The cinnamon flavoured beverage is packaged in a glass
bottle backed with the brand’s trademark motif – the jagged silhouette of
Switzerland’s notorious Jungfrau Mountain, a mountain whose summit was first
conquered by two pioneering brothers who – according to brand myth – were equipped with a secret herbal tonic. Moving the brand’s story on beyond voyages to challenging peaks,
Jungfrau Gold Edition targets a very different sort of adventurer: the “Weekend
Millionaire” who champions a lavish lifestyle at the end of their working week. 

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