S/S 2015 : Ritual of the Everyday : Beige

Why dinner in London now comes in a bag, bath and flowerpot : London Evening Standard

At The Joint in Brixton, chicken wings are wrapped in brown paper bags, tied with a piece of string. The restaurant’s owners, Daniel Fiteni and Warren Dean, say it’s efficient. “We wanted to come up with an effective and eco-friendly way of serving our food, as we don’t have the time or space for washing up. So we decided to serve all our sides in parchment paper and our buns on recycled sugarcane.” (There’s a reason why the time-honoured way of serving fish and chips — wrapped in paper — has worked so well.) They also wanted “the element of surprise” when people opened up the parcel and saw the BBQ sauce smothered over all the food.”

Taken from an article published yesterday, the extract above highlights the benefits of simple packaging. Wrapped in brown parchment paper, tied with string and finished with a hand-scrawled note on a brown packaging label, The Joint’s chicken wings further indicate a forthcoming trend for plain, beige and even dull ways of presenting products. Our Ritual of the Everyday macro trend introduction refers to this style directly: “It will be cool to be dull, boring and beige; no fancy packaging, no faux rustic but actually just a bit of newspaper wrapped with string a piece of ragged cloth bundled together.” Expect to see many more beige make-unders in the next eighteen months.

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