Launching bellwether : Food Trends

To celebrate the launch of
bellwether : Food Trends, we invited select individuals from global food
businesses and leading ad agencies to join us for an evening of food futurology.
Once inside the pristine white walls of SCIN Gallery – a material and
architectural resources library and gallery in Clerkenwell, London – guests were
served a taste of the future.


Courtesy of the creative
pastry chefs at Belle Epoque, a traditional French Patisserie, bakery and
chocolatier in Newington Green, each guest was served three chapters from the
Spring/Summer 2015 edition of bellwether. Using a host of ingredients – from
edible glitters to gummy bears – Eric Rousseau and his team captured the
qualities of Texture, Volume, Skin, Transparency, Ritual of the Everyday,
Space, Survival, Back to the Land and Kidult in a selection of delicious,
bite-sized confections – each served on a plate adorned with the bellwether logo.

Mini victoria sponge cakes encased in pastel icing and topped with a sugary cloud of of candyfloss evoked Kidult’s sweet-toothed youth, while a perfectly plain sponge cake called to mind the boring, bland and stripped back nature of Ritual of the Everyday. The concept of Skin was communicated through caramelized filo pastry adorned with a strip of white chocolate, contrasting with Survival’s bright blue industrial ration pack. Texture moved away from these rectangular forms, as irregular soft swirls of white chocolate cream contrasted with the crunch of an almond sable beneath.

Elsewhere Transparency was suggested through
rosewater jellies filled with gummy bears and Volume was alluded to in bursting bubbles of raspberry and
yoghurt caviar under lychee foam. Back to the Land arose from the earthy tones
and taste of a mushroom and milk chocolate mousse atop an almond sable. A brownie
dusted in silver sparkles and finished with a copper chocolate curl called to
mind the slick lines and mesmerising metallics associated with Space.

With so many sweet treats to
sample, guests began exchanging comments on their favourites, while sipping on a
rich and refreshing cocktail made with Womersley Lemon, Basil, Bay &
Juniper vinegar
mixed with sparkling water, ice and fresh mint, lemon and lime.

An inflatable wall by
Ingenious Inflatables blocked out distractions from the street and cast a blue
light across the room, as projections of abstract images were displayed on the
wall. Few would’ve guessed that they were admiring photos of common, everyday
foods, taken by photographers Karen Hackett and Nathan Pask and designer Andrew
. Such is the beauty of bellwether and its ability to broaden ideas about what food is and what it will become.

Images by Drew Williams

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