S/S 2015 : Texture : Mouthfeel

What would your ideal chocolate bar be topped with?
This is the question that chocoMe, a Hungarian chocolate company, encourages
its customers to consider.

Visitors to chocoMe’s website are invited to select a dark, milk or white chocolate bar as their case. They can select a variety of
toppings from over eighty available options, ranging from freeze-dried fruit
and crunchy nuts to chilli filaments, rose pepper and even edible gold. The bars are then made by hand using
premium ingredients. Below is a selection of multi-textured bars, each of which
satisfy the S/S 2015 trend for products with a complex and contrasting mouthfeel.

Gábor Mészáros launched chocoMe in 2010.
Earlier this year two of its bars were awarded a gold star in the Great
Taste Awards 2013. The winning bars were chocoMe’s 40% milk chocolate base
topped with sea salt with Tahitian vanilla, pecans and caramel flavoured
chocolate pastilles and chocoMe’s ‘mojito’ – a 65% dark chocolate base laden with crystallised mint leaves, lime flavoured chocolate pastilles and
crystallised lemon peel. How could your brand meet the desire for products with multiple textures and a complex mouthfeel?

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