S/S 2015 : Volume : Puffed with Air

Posh marshmallows – the perfect cure for the austerity blues : The Guardian


“Remember marshmallows  – the pink-and-white store-cupboard staple beloved by Ging Gang Goolie-ing scouts the world over? Well, they’ve gone all posh. New company Copper & Cane has just launched an artisan take on the humble treat called Eat Toast Dunk Me featuring flavours such as rosewater and cardamom, dark chocolate and cinnamon-spiced pumpkin.”

The trend for artisan marshmallows continues apace with the launch of Eat Toast Dunk Me, an artisan marshmallow company founded by former food scientist Hazel Wright. In addition to the flavours mentioned above, the range also offers pillowy puffs (naturally) flavoured with chai spice, dried wild cranberry and toffee apple.

The Guardian’s article attributes the rise of artisan marshmallows to a hunger for indulgent, shareable and affordable foods with a nostalgic appeal, however, we would position the trend within the broader context of our emerging desire for puffed creations. Recall Plush Puff’s Big One (a marshmallow weighing almost 2lb), which we featured in our chapter on  Volume, and remember how big is set to become beautiful.

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