S/S 2015 : Emerging Sectors : Vending Machines

What would motivate you to hold hands with a stranger? How about the promise of free chocolate? That’s what the Argentinian arm of Milka, the Mondelez owned Swiss chocolate company, offered people passing by a branded vending machine it installed in a town square in summer 2013.

Packed with Milka’s range of chocolate bars and coated in purple with a white Milka logo running down its side, at first glance it looked like any other branded vending machine. Upon closer inspection people discovered that the machine did not have coin slots. In their place, a large pink button attracted attention. Early passersby were puzzled and perplexed. How could they get their hands on a free bar of chocolate?

A short distance away from the vending machine a purple and white Milka cow stood on three legs with its fourth raised off the ground. Some people tried reaching between the button and the cow only to find that it was too far away. They asked a friend to help. Connected to the cow through a chain of humans holding hands, the machine sprung into action.

Each time the machine dispensed its goods, the cow moved a little further from the vending machine. As the day wore on, it took more and more people to connect the Milka machine with the Milka cow. This simple interaction brought to life the brand’s strapline, Dare To Be Tender.

Created for Milka by the South American agency David, this convivial and creative campaign reveals another way to connect with consumers via Vending Machines. It also taps into the trend for Sharing and Swapping which we explore in our chapter on Survival.

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