S/S 2015 : Kidult : Adult Play

With fluffy ears crowning their swishy ponytails and button noses painted on their youthful faces, Ryan Lo’s models epitomised the notion of adult play explored in our Kidult chapter.

The Hong Kong native showcased his signature celebration of childlike girlishness on the S/S 2014 Fashion East catwalk earlier this month during London Fashion Week.  Saccharine dresses and candy stripe coats set the toothsome tone. Pastel pom poms and layers of lace added to the frivolous fun, while fruit prints and farmyard animals jostled for attention on highlighter-hued knitwear. Over the top, mismatched and multi-textured, each outfit demanded attention and evoked the ‘throw it all on’ aesthetic championed by young girls playing dress up.

Referencing Sylvanian Families, the flocked plastic animal figurines favoured by pre-teens, and Chibiusa, one of the central characters in the Japanese manga series Sailor Moon, Lo invited women to skip into the playground and unashamedly embrace their inner madams.

How could you appeal to Kidults’ need to play?

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