S/S 2015 : Ritual of the Everyday : The Recipe Kit

The Recipe Kit ( is a new delivery service that serves up globally-inspired recipes along with the exact quantity of ingredients so that food lovers can create restaurant quality cuisine from home. Delivered direct to the door, each order contains easy to follow, step by step recipe cards along with all the gastronomic components required to produce a series of indulgent evening meals for the week

Each dish is created by Head Chef Olia Hercules, who was trained at Leiths and perfected her skills in the fiery kitchens of Ottolenghi. The Recipe Kit features ingredients that would be impossible to find in the average supermarket, including edible flowers and Pied Bleu mushrooms. New chef skills are acquired with the preparation of every meal, from mastering the chiffonade technique to learning how to julienne tomatoes.

The Recipe Kit use seasonal British ingredients wherever possible, accentuating their diverse dishes with rarities from Britain’s artisan suppliers. Produce is sourced directly from farms across the UK within 24 hours of harvesting and only the finest meat, provided by Smithfield Market’s historic William, Warman and Gutteridge, makes its way into each dish. By working with the UK’s leading food suppliers, The Recipe Kit ensures that their produce is fresher and tastes better than the standard supermarket fare.

They deliver throughout the UK.

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