S/S 2015 : Back to the Land : Seaweed

Claudia Pasquero and Marco Poletto co-founded ecoLogicStudio in 2004, they focus work which deploys digital technologies as a means of developing hyper-realities, regimes of intense exchange between the artificial and the natural, the designed and the accidental. The innovative nature of ecoLogic’s work has allowed the office to practice internationally with clients including actors, art critics, curators academic institutions and companies in both private and public sector in the construction industry and the design realm.

The Urban Algae Canopy, based on ecoLogicStudio’s  six years long research on building integrated bio-digital systems. The flows of energy, water and CO2 are regulated to respond and adjust to weather patterns and visitors’ movements.  As the sun shines more intensively, algae will photosynthesise and grow thus reducing the transparency of the canopy and increasing its shading potential; since this process is driven by the biology of mico-algae is inherently responsive and adaptive; visitors will benefit from this natural shading property while being able to influence it in real-time; their presence will trigger electro valves to alter the speed of algal flow through the canopy provoking an emergent differentiation across the space. In any moment in time the actual transparency, colour and shading potential of the canopy will be the product of this complex set of relationships among climate, micro-algae, visitors and digital control systems.

Once completed as part of EXPO2015 Future food District the Urban Algae Canopy will produce the oxygen equivalent of 4 hectares of woodland and up to 150kg of biomass per day, 60% of which are natural vegetal proteins.

Urban Algae Canopy credits: ecoLogicStudio – Marco Poletto and Claudia Pasquero (London, UK)  part of the H.O.R.T.U.S. series.   Special edition for Expo 2015 developed with Carlo Ratti Associati (Turin, Italy)

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