Hard to pronounce if you’re not Spanish speaking because the ‘J’ is one of those clearing your throat kind of sounds…but if you’ve got to do that just to order one of these in Latin America…just do it!

Alfajores are quite hard to describe because their main ingredient falls somewhere between cake and biscuit in a no-man’s land of textures…in the sort of way that Jaffa Cakes do – but the likeness stops there. ¬†Alfajores have a crumbly, cakey texture and come filled with sometimes runny, sometimes firm creams of sorts. Like I said, these defy definition, every bite of the way.

Dulce de Leche, milk and dark chocolate pastes are the most common fillings which sandwich the two slices of cake rounds together. Artisan and commercial Alfajores vie for top position in Argentina where every coffee is too wet without one. Coming in a range of sizes, covered in chocolate or icing sugar, wrapped in beautiful shining wrappers, Alfajores are a South American staple which is about to wing it’s way into the best restaurants in town.

sells coffee and alfajoras

a box full

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