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An oven-ready, fresh from the wrapper, shaken before opened, daily update…


Although we all know that the best food doesn’t have an ad campaign and could have been grown/made back in your grandmas day… the fun of finding mad food, weird branding, awful flavours or just names on packets which mean something different here in the UK, is such a pleasure…

Have a look at these:

mint, pollen, rose, cinnamon, diabetes, only by your imagination!

mint, pollen, olive, cinnamon, diabetes, fumitory? WATER…

all that vegetable goodness wrapped in a cake

all that vegetable goodness wrapped in a cake

fragrant beverageFragrant Beverage

crispy chickens feet snacks

crispy chickens feet snacks

of course...'vessel in the fog' chocolate...

of course…’vessel in the fog’ chocolate…

a popular german magazine all about...well, not beef...

a popular german magazine all about…well, not beef…

i think it's got corn in it...

i think it’s got corn in it…

Get One...and it's all you do get; 1 whole gherkin in a can

Get One…and it’s all you do get; 1 whole gherkin in a can

this is just what it is...garlic and beer. garlic beer. it's so wrong.

this is just what it is…garlic and beer. garlic beer. it’s so wrong.

caramel and oyster flavour

caramel and oyster flavour

they are crisps!

marshmallow sandwich? ;/

marshmallow sandwich? ;/

truffled lard with truffle flavour...not for the faint hearted

truffled lard…ie: lard with truffle flavour…not for the faint hearted

salticrax...a south african favourite

salticrax…a south african favourite


more soon…








Heavy Metal

In line with fashion, food usually has some kind of complimentary parallel trend or offering. However, with one of the current moods being metallic (still) it has taken a while before foods are going beyond those horrible little sugar ball barrings, once so popular on 70’s buns! Below are 5 metallic foods spotted over the past month

  • ………….metallic sprayed cookies…………..
  • ………….eggs painted gold and filled with chocolate………….
  • ………….argan oil with gold pieces………….
  • ………….bottled water (in Hong Kong) with gold leaf………….
  • ………….honey, with gold dust!…………..

metalic heart cookies 2013-04-04 16.42.41 gold argan oil gold water gold honey

Valentines Treats

Eat Your Heart out is a Valentines exhibition with a difference because it brings the reality back into the image of the love heart, the adored heart symbol which says ‘i love you’. A yearly pop up exhibition of goods is quite a feast (for the mind, eyes and belly). There were edible greeting cards, beautifully painted chocolate skulls and food sculpture too expensive and beautiful to eat.

Here are some of the edibles on offer last night:

white chocolate hearts

white chocolate hearts

metallic hearts -chocolate cookies on sticks

metallic hearts cookies on sticks

vagina cup cakes for those who want to say it with cake!

a whole tray of vagina cup cakes- for those who want to say it with cake!

a whole tray of vagina cup cakes- for those who want to say it with cake!

white chocolate salted caramel heart - made as an exact life size model

white chocolate salted caramel heart – made as an exact life size model


…or you could just say it with flowers! :)

Seasonal Offerings

Apart from Birthday cake and Chritsmas cake…most prepared foods have been created for any time of year, budget depending. What used to signify food for Christams (apart from the obvious) were ‘special treats’ and foods which once a year expensive novelties.

Now with a new surge on regional delicacies and finely-tuned branding we are seeing some ‘just for xmas’ offerings already popping up.


Xmas pie ice cream…




Coffee that tastes like Xmas…old wrapping paper? stress? lots of telly!?




Zotter and Austrian Chocolate

the inner workings of one of the factory rooms

Austria may not seem like a go-to destination for great chocolate but Zotter (the man and the chocolate) is a rare thing in any land.

Zotter is a well known chocolate brand in Austria where his  approximately 350 different, organic, bean-to-bar offerings can be seen in every deli worth it’s salt.

The Zotter chocolate factory is about a 2 hour drive out of Vienna and it is set in the grounds of an ‘edible farm’ meaning not only are all the plants used in the making of the chocolate but the animals are all used for food to feed the Zotter staff.

the entrance to the chcolate theatre/factory

The factory tour comprises of taking a journey from tasting all the beans to all the varieties of couvertures and then sampling almost every variety of chocolate product they make. Each visitor is provided with a china tasting spoon for all the ganache and tempering samples. It really is WillyWonka-esque.The choclate is high quality but by the end all i wanted was a wild straberry from the garden outside… It is a mamouth day of chocolate eating.

You can find out more about Zotter chocolate here and but some from the larger London department store food halls. Warning: the flavours can be really unusual: plum wine, bacon and stilton or basil and rose flavour  -sometimes the risks don’t pay off … for me anyway!

There are other places in Vienna peddling their own chocolate as part of their heritage and Demel is an old patisserie and chocolate shop which is stunning and sells beautifully packaged bars…but sadly they taste a little bit waxy and lack a depth of flavour which comes from our spoiled tastes thanks to the bean-to-bar chocolatiers…however it’s good to see beautifully packaged  items.

part of the Demel shop

some of the Demel chocolate bars

Lickerty Liqourice

Unsaturated ether compound related to to the pea and bean family… or as we know it liqourice the stuff which is a love/hate substance. With all kinds of medicinal links associated to it (which always creates that connection of ‘well it must be good for you if it tastes so bad’ )  –  said to cure cancer, coughs, meridians, sexual health…etc!

The kids in post war Britain used to shake up a chunk of boiled pure liqourice in a bottle of water and make a type of ‘pop’. Anyway, it’s all coming back to the UK in the form of cakes, ice creams, cakes, you name it… so watch out for black food and liqourice will be at the root of some of that (sorry had to be done!)

In the Italian Gelateria, Oddonos, I saw liqourice ice cream but they told me that it’s not popular here (no??? feigns shock). However, then they asked me to try it together with a lemon sorbet…a must for anyone who thinks they don’t like liqourice.

Without the lemon…

In disguise, gluten free chocolate brownies with liqourice

Scandinavian salted varieties

Popular Italian pastilles -tons of mixed flavours of these

The delicious, woody, roots which are supposed to clean your teeth…

…and if you boil it all up for hours you get a huge big block which is probably mostly useless

Macarons – double liqourice delights!

Dairy at the Dairy

Home brewing, home smoking, taxidermy and butchering on the increase so now you just have to make your own cheese…this coming year is all about cheese, milk and diary related things. The debate and laws are still being talked about in relation to unpasturised milk -a kind of under the counter product in some countries. The best way to get this fresh is to keep a cow/sheep or goat in you garden or in your living room…etc…

Here is a look at what’s hot in the world of dairy:

DIY cheese and note video next to it…more instructions about cheese related pursuits

One of the many kits on offer – made to create various types of cheese

70’s revived. It’s all about sharing and performance in food -2 cheesy bits of equipment

Stools at the cheese shop

Most delightful speciality cheese shop – Beechers Cheese, NYC

Cheese-filled chocolates

Lots more yogurt brands and varieties to hit the market, like this one from Iceland

And for the lactose intolerant there are always the nut mylk varieties of drinks and cheeses.

3 fermented nut cheeses made from macadamia, cashew and hazelnuts


It’s an ancient tradition of the Southern counties of England and ‘Waes Hail’ (Middle English for ‘Good Health’) has been an age old event to bless the apple orchards for the coming season.

I thought you were a futurologist?! (you may have mentally exclaimed) …

The thing with Wassail is that it has all the components of the trends we are seeing emerge right now. Conviviality, sharing of foods with both friends and strangers, celebration, old traditions putting meaning back into our digital disconnection, non-for profit or free, food direct from the source. This celebration is free from Hallmark holidays and puts the magic back into life, as we have come to know it.

I went to the Sussex Wassail this past weekend and it was a cold, clear night. The local farm was filled up with approximately 150 cars and at least double the amount of people gathered round the first part of the evening celebrations which I tried to photograph discretely -hence the quality of these:

One of the groups of Morris Dancers – Hunters Moon

A different group of Morris Dancers

The dancing and drumming went on for a few hours after which the masses proceeded to the barn to buy hot cider and then a procession was lead through the orchards accompanied by the various musicians and bag pipe bands. The whole path was torch lit:

One of the torch bearers, lighting the way

In the clearing of the orchard, a group began to sing the Wassailing songs, they fed the apple trees pieces of toast! and then lit a large central fire which had built in fire works…luckily there were no health and safety requirements on private land!

one of the men who lit the fire

the fire

drummers leave for the barn

At this point – large chunks of home made cake and hot cider were passed amongst us all, as we toasted the Wassail. Slowly people filtered back to the barn to witness more merriment, dancing and singing…

The Barn

One of Hunters Moon making space for the dancing

The caller of the barn dance

The Green Man, watching over the proceedings