Dairy at the Dairy

Home brewing, home smoking, taxidermy and butchering on the increase so now you just have to make your own cheese…this coming year is all about cheese, milk and diary related things. The debate and laws are still being talked about in relation to unpasturised milk -a kind of under the counter product in some countries. The best way to get this fresh is to keep a cow/sheep or goat in you garden or in your living room…etc…

Here is a look at what’s hot in the world of dairy:

DIY cheese and note video next to it…more instructions about cheese related pursuits

One of the many kits on offer – made to create various types of cheese

70’s revived. It’s all about sharing and performance in food -2 cheesy bits of equipment

Stools at the cheese shop

Most delightful speciality cheese shop – Beechers Cheese, NYC

Cheese-filled chocolates

Lots more yogurt brands and varieties to hit the market, like this one from Iceland

And for the lactose intolerant there are always the nut mylk varieties of drinks and cheeses.

3 fermented nut cheeses made from macadamia, cashew and hazelnuts

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