It’s all in the packaging…

In line with the current trend of grow-your-own bacon, DIY everything and knit-your-own shower curtains (or something…)  food finds it’s way back to plant pots and paint pots for re-assignment, display or baking. In attempt to make food related items artisan and natural…

10L paint tins filled with Spanish crisps not to confused with a tin of magnolia


Bread baked in plant pots


Ice cream in a tin bucket, a la seaside!

Planters with cupcakes and tulip cake-pops in a planter – courtesy of

With an increasing focus on pots we’re heading back to the pea and carrot-laden 1970’s casserole. A meal to match any outfit.

And to reverse it out…

Strawberry juice

Kiwi Juice

Coconut water in a bag in a shell

Adds pretend mould to any meal…what more could you want?

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