Lickerty Liqourice

Unsaturated ether compound related to to the pea and bean family… or as we know it liqourice the stuff which is a love/hate substance. With all kinds of medicinal links associated to it (which always creates that connection of ‘well it must be good for you if it tastes so bad’ ) ¬†– ¬†said to cure cancer, coughs, meridians, sexual health…etc!

The kids in post war Britain used to shake up a chunk of boiled pure liqourice in a bottle of water and make a type of ‘pop’. Anyway, it’s all coming back to the UK in the form of cakes, ice creams, cakes, you name it… so watch out for black food and liqourice will be at the root of some of that (sorry had to be done!)

In the Italian Gelateria, Oddonos, I saw liqourice ice cream but they told me that it’s not popular here (no??? feigns shock). However, then they asked me to try it together with a lemon sorbet…a must for anyone who thinks they don’t like liqourice.

Without the lemon…

In disguise, gluten free chocolate brownies with liqourice

Scandinavian salted varieties

Popular Italian pastilles -tons of mixed flavours of these

The delicious, woody, roots which are supposed to clean your teeth…

…and if you boil it all up for hours you get a huge big block which is probably mostly useless

Macarons – double liqourice delights!

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