Currywurst and Chips (in marzipan) shrink-wrapped

As in the 18th century French courts and also that marzipan fruit shape in those odd boxes of chocolates with the jellies in circa 1983…marzipan is back on more than just Xmas cakes and Stollen centres…

Above is the German (very marzipan centric as a nation) offering this season and below are some of the other marzipans on the market…

The ubiquitous slice-it-yourself marzipan in chocolate which has graced the German market stalls over the Xmas period.

marzipan animals

horrible marzipan animals at Patisserie Valerie

and those retro faux fruits are back in boxes from Belgian Leonidas…

Chocolate Dipped Marzipan Fruits

the on line version: sexed up marzipan fruits

…and just so you can compare to what was happening in the world of marzipan well over 200 years ago…you should look at the exact replicas of walnuts, flowers and decorations all made from marzipan – those were not really for eating  but for tempting the palate and impressing the guests.

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