Number Branding

It’s everywhere…food with numbers, and I don’t just mean E numbers.

Numbers are the new (black) words. As though we need to have our food in order 1, 2 and then oh yes, 3…or that we have run out of names so we’re onto the numbers now…it’s a phase, well be over it soon :)

Take a look at just a few of the newbies coming onto the market…

Cake ingredients in a box. Pick a box, make that cake. Like some kind of quiz show – no makey, no cakey!

Inside the Fruity Little Number boxes…

Chocolate cake bars which are all distinguished by a number. They come in a sleeve (a la after 8’s) and a box.

Here are the boxes, protected by bullet proof glass (it seemed)

Bloc – different snack morsels working both the current number and colour trends.

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