Patisserie – The Process

After a day with incredible multi – award-winning chocolatier and patisserie chef Tim Fisher I thought you might like to see a few elements of the process of making fine and fabulous deserts. Without giving away all his tricks of the trade…here are some pictures and you can find out more about him and his delectables on his blog:

It all starts with him…

Then this…

A bit further into the process of piping in the second layer ganache

Both layers popped out of the mould

Now chilled and waiting to be coated in chocolate

How to finely coat things in chocolate! Spray painting…

Coated, topped with ganache and painted glazed chocolate

Fully decorated with gold leaf, caramel and presented ready to eat

And it was incredible. A soft and creamy top layer of chocolate gave way to a crunch roasted hazelnut base…I would recommend that you taste one of these…

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