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Dr Gaye’s Super Shake is brand which has 4 unique products designed to deliver bio-available health.

The products contain a combination of some of the highest potency minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients* which are all bio-available (that means, really easy for the body to absorb and use). This combination of high potency ‘super-foods’, means less is more and an elixir for the body. We’ve noticed that the more often you have something nutritionally dense for breakfast, the less likely you might be to crave a naughty something later on in the day.


Our products are hand made and packaged in rice paper bags. The ingredients are 100% organic, raw, unprocessed, sugar-free, low GI, dairy-free, gluten-free, grain-free, vegetarian. Some of the products are vegan and some of them are nut free. There is something for everyone.When ingredients are all raw food sources in themselves, the benefits are outstanding. This product aims to provide your body with a massive dose of bio-available goodness, from the cellular level to the tip of your taste buds.

For much more information on the benefits, ingredients, super testimonials and purchasing the product please head to: www.drgayesupershake.com

Here’s how we make up and serve the products:


Dr Gaye Super-Blend: 14 ingredients mix into anything to deliver a huge nutritional boost.




Dr Gaye Super-Porridge: grain and oat free porridge with a heap of bio-available nutritional benefits.

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Dr Gaye Super-Shake: your complete nutritional daily requirements -just add water and blend.



Dr Gaye Super-Spoonful: an on the go snack or addition to any breakfast or desert. Nut free and full of vitamins. Low GI.