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Dr Gaye’s Super Shake is a combination of some of the highest potency minerals, vitamins and micro-nutrients* which are all bio-available (that means, really easy for the body to absorb and use). This combination of high potency ‘super-foods’, means less is more and one glass of this, is an elixir for the body. We’ve noticed that the more often you have the shake for breakfast, the less likely you might be to crave a naughty something later on in the day.


Super shakeIt’s called a ‘Super Shake’ because it contains even more than every vitamin and mineral in a balanced daily diet. This isn’t an excuse to eat badly for the rest of the day, but we know you’re human!

This breakfast shake is designed to provide you with the most nutrient dense meal, prepared in the fastest time, which you can eat on the go and feel really, really good about. As you include this in your daily diet, you are likely to experience vitality, clearer skin, less mood swings, happier thoughts and weight loss.




The usual shakes and smoothies, powdered or ready-made, usually incorporate one or more of the following: milk proteins such as whey, GM soya, re-constituted ingredients and pasteurisation (no matter how ‘gentle’ it claims to be – it’s a big heating and preserving process). These all change the availability of the vitamins, how readily you absorb any goodness in the food itself and some of the ingredients are actually de-natured and bad for you. In fact, sometimes the added minerals and supposed benefits make your body work so hard, that the benefits never actually happen and your body is stressed.

When ingredients are all raw food sources in themselves, the benefits are outstanding. This product aims to provide your body with a massive dose of bio-available goodness, from the cellular level to the tip of your taste buds.

For much more information on the benefits, ingredients and purchasing the product www.drgayesupershake.com