Obviously there is so much to say about tea; the varieties, the flavours, the rituals, the habits, the individual peculiarities (ie: warming the pot, milk first, no second, no first… etc) But currently there seems to be a few new things in tea coming to the fore, some newer than others.

Jasmine Green Tea with Chrysanthemum Globe or Lily Sweet Scented Osmanthus (never can tell!)

Almost, your own fish tank…(minus the fish)

Maybe yerba matte isn’t quite ornamental but the containers used to drink it from are. A traditional daily drink from Argentina (and other SA countries) this tastes like soil mixed in old cardboard boxes and gives a kick bigger than coffee.

The silver straws (bombillas) and the gourd and silver cups for yerba matte

Move-over, faux-retro printed and quilted tea cosy…the crocheted and pom-pommed is back!

Doubles as a winter hat.

Aged, roasted and smoked tea which is now coming in bricks, like chocolate. No bags, no loose leaves.

The bricks

Green tea just got more sophisticated. Green was the new black. But now ‘Matcha’ is the new green. Keep up, will you.

Making ‘matcha’ the proper way. It’ll come in bags soon, promise!

But until then you can eat the ‘matcha’ green tea biscuits…

Or the chocolate (be warned, it tastes worse than it looks)

Fortunately, there is still the stainless steel pot for one – available throughout the world. Apart from the majority of the USA which only deals in java.

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